Professional Grinder

我們的專業級意式濃縮咖啡研磨機與0.1克精確的數字秤和我們自己設計的portafilter支架相結合。 唯一的專業研磨機,現在實時稱量,同時將研磨的掉進portafilter。


Replacement grinder burrs

We worked closely with Hansung Lee, the designer at the Korean grinder burr company SSP, to make these 64mm flat burrs for our grinders. SSP burrs are widely tested as the best currently available.

The burrs included with our grinder are made in Italy by Italmill. If you upgrade the burrs in your grinder from Italmill to SSP, this will result in a higher coffee extraction (TDS). Experts consider a high TDS to be the best objective indication of better tasting coffee.

You can install the burrs yourself if you have a flat head screwdriver and a vacuum cleaner. If you buy these SSP burrs at the same as time as you buy our grinder, we will install the burrs for you. and we will include the previous burrs in a small box.

Uncoated flat 64mm burr

For the Decent Pro Grinder, and other 64mm compatible grinders.

Coated Flat 64mm burr

For the Decent Pro Grinder, and other 64mm compatible grinders.

The 'red speed' coating will considerably extend the life of your burrs.

Weighing Doser

This kit replaces the portafilter stand on your grinder, so that you can now weigh coffee as you grind. If you already own a grinder that you think will work with our doser, then we give you the option of buying just this part. Included in the kit is our X, Y, Z axis adjustable stand, our simple scale, and our portafilter stand.

Please note that we do not own or test other companies' grinders, so we are unable to tell you if your grinder will definitely work with our doser. If you do find that our doser worked for you, please contact us so that we can let others know as well.

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Why buy our pro grinder?

Decent 質量





定時器很少能給出精確稱重劑量的,當秤顯示達到所需的重量時,您只需關閉研磨機。 低科技效果最好。










64mm平頭刀盤。 由食品級硬化模具鋼製成。 意大利製造的Burrs由Italmill製造。 Optional: upgrade your grind quality with SSP burrs. 研磨速度:1.5〜4.0克/秒。 尺寸:56cm x 21cm x 33cm 料斗容量:1.2kg。 功耗:11A 350W。 研磨能力:每天1000杯飲料。