Enables your grinder to weigh while grinding.


將沖煮把手放置在研磨器上,能夠研磨咖啡豆同時稱量粉量。 Works with most Mazzer-style grinders.


We were not able to develop a shape for our Doser that worked with most existing grinders, and have decided to cease research on this product. If you would like to weigh your doses while you grind, please consider our grinder.

Dead simple

Replaces your built-in portafilter stand with a stand-on-a-scale.

Better coffee

Precisely weighed doses are the easiest way to improve your coffee consistency.


Works with most Mazzer grinders (Robur, Super Jolly, Kony) and Super Caimano grinders.

Contact us to discuss whether the Doser will work with your grinder.