DE1CAFE: advanced technology for cafes

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For information about all our models, read about the DE1PLUS.


Dual pumps with long-wearing parts, professional grade valves, and 63% higher wattage heaters are installed. Rated for 500 espresso shots per day, per machine


立即在濃咖啡,蒸汽和熱水。 平板電腦程序單點Americanos。 許多用戶界面的改進,以加快操作。

Greater Steam power

220V version features a custom-design steam heater with 63% more power than the DE1PRO. Note: you can steam immediately after your espresso is made, but not while the espresso is being made.

Hands Off Steaming

Timed steam function allows you to quickly create good foam for a few seconds and then let the machine finish heating and fining automatically.

Customer-facing back panel

Unlike our other models, the back of DE1CAFE features a clean panel with no electrical or water connections visible.

Our other models must be placed against a wall, as their wiring and water connections are on the back of the machine.

Front-mounted standby power button

A front-mounted push button switch lets you visibly put the machines on low-power, cool standby.

Tablet is permanently mounted

The tablet is physically attached to the espresso machine and cannot be easily removed.

Steam wand tips

Includes steam wand tips in single-hole, four-hole, and blade shapes. Steam power can be adjusted for different volumes of milk.


Optionally connect to pressurized or unpressurized water sources. Or use stand-alone.

Extra long steam wand

為了便於插入拉花杯,延伸到檯面之外。 即使是1升的拉花杯也很好用。 蒸汽棒可以由您定位為可選的免提汽蒸。 Entirely cool-touch, and also features an extended silicone-protected grab area.


沒有平板電腦的只有22厘米(9英寸),帶平板電腦的高度是32厘米(13英寸)。 促進顧客和你咖啡師之間的對話。


每台機器都是完全獨立的,所以您可以根據需要添加組頭。 不像傳統的多組濃咖啡機,一個組頭失敗不會使您的業務停頓。

Hot swappable

如果您某個DE1CAFE停止工作,您只需將其從櫃檯中取出並郵寄給我們(或使用本地維修服務)將其修理。 如果你有一台備用機器,只需填寫空白位


Optionally built in

櫃檯上的一個矩形孔可擺放我們的托架,在裡面放着DE1CAFE。 非常乾淨,引人注目的現代設計。 You can also choose to not counter sink the DE1CAFE, and have it sit on your countertop instead.


所有管道和電氣連接都隱藏起來。 後面板樞轉打開,便於連接和維修。